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Packing Materials

Shredded Cellophane, Cellophane Rolls, and Shrink Bags are available in clear and various colors.
PM-1: Shredded Cellophane (10 lbs/Box)
CE-1: Clear Cellophane Rolls (40" x 100')
PM-2: Shredded Green Tissue (10 lbs/Box)
CE-2: Red Cellophane Rolls (40" x 100')
PM-20: Fruit Trays - Pulp (not shown)
CE-3: Gold Cellophane Rolls (40" x 100')
FP-6: 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 Florist Sheets (not shown)
CE-4: Green Cellophane Rolls (40" x 100')
CS-2: Shrink Bags (not shown)

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